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Advancing New Jersey’s role in the heart of the American offshore wind industry

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Update on Ocean Wind 2

Following a decision by its Board of Directors, Ørsted will cease development of the Ocean Wind 1 and Ocean Wind 2 projects.

Delivering 1,148 MW of clean, reliable energy to the Garden State

Ocean Wind 2 is an 1,148 MW offshore wind farm, owned and developed by Ørsted, the U.S. leader in offshore wind. Located off the coast of southern New Jersey, Ocean Wind 2 will provide clean and reliable energy, local jobs, and infrastructure enhancements to the Garden State – further supporting New Jersey in its effort to realize its vision of becoming a world-class leader in the offshore wind industry.


Location: Off the coast of Southern New Jersey

Timeline: Construction to start in 2028

Capacity: 1,148 MW

Annual Production: Enough to power more than 500,000 homes

Owner & Developer: Ørsted

As a key element in New Jersey’s effort to achieve a clean energy future, Ocean Wind 2 will play a significant role in helping the State reach its goals of installing 7,500 MW of offshore wind capacity by 2035 and 100 percent clean energy by 2050. At 1,148 MW, Ocean Wind 2 will power more than half a million New Jersey homes. Together, Ocean Wind 1, New Jersey’s first offshore wind farm, and Ocean Wind 2 will deliver over 2,200 MW of offshore wind to the Garden State.

Offshore wind farm construction

How to build an offshore wind farm

What exactly goes in to constructing an offshore wind farm – and how does power get transported to shore? From site investigations to installation of components at sea, we aim to keep our impact on the surrounding ecosystem to an absolute minimum.

Powering long-term green economic growth in New Jersey

Ørsted believes there’s no better way to grow the Garden State’s economy than with clean energy. That’s why Ocean Wind 2 will bring more than $1 billion of additional in-state spending to create new, green jobs and build specialized manufacturing capabilities, while improving air quality and creating equitable growth opportunities to support New Jersey communities on the frontlines of environmental justice.

Ocean Wind 2 will contribute to an expansion of the EEW monopile facility in Paulsboro. The facility will be home to 500 full-time jobs and represents an investment of $250 million into southern New Jersey. Monopiles are the most advanced type of foundation for the construction of offshore wind turbines. Additionally, Ocean Wind 2 will generate over $4.8 billion in net economic benefits for New Jersey, helping to further develop a strong, local supply chain.

With Ocean Wind 2, Ørsted is also bringing a commitment from leading industry partner, GE Renewables, to locate one of the country's first offshore wind nacelle assembly facilities in New Jersey. Nacelles are an enclosed housing containing a turbine’s generator, gearbox, drivetrain, and brake assembly. Anticipated to be located at the New Jersey Wind Port, the GE facility will assemble the nacelles for Ocean Wind 2 and other offshore wind projects in the U.S., attracting sub-suppliers to the State, and consequently more manufacturing jobs, leading to the further growth of the supply chain.

Building an equitable offshore wind industry

With decades of experience, Ørsted recognizes that offshore wind is an opportunity for everyone – not just offshore wind developers. Ørsted is committed to developing an inclusive, sustainable offshore wind industry and shares New Jersey’s commitment to working toward an industry that values equity, creates new opportunities and embraces diversity.

Because a strong economy begins with a healthy community, Ørsted has partnered with Zeem Solutions on an innovative electric truck initiative to improve air quality in communities near the Port of Newark. The $11 million partnership includes the rollout of 50 electric drayage trucks, associated vehicle infrastructure and mobility training programs for area residents.

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Ørsted Announces Innovative Electric Truck Initiative to Improve Air Quality in communities surrounding the Port of Newark.

Ocean Wind 2 will also establish a new 10-year $1.5 million scholarship and career development program with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). This scholarship and career development program will create opportunities for NJIT’s engineering and computer science undergraduate students. The agreement also addresses STEM education gaps for underrepresented students in Newark by aiming to expand a range of STEM events, initiatives, and college-prep programming for local elementary, middle school and high school students at NJIT.

Additionally, Ocean Wind 2 will contribute $2 million to the New Jersey WIND Institute to help the Garden State nurture its future green workforce. This funding will support the WIND Institute’s objectives to act as a centralized hub for offshore wind energy workforce development and serve as a center for research and innovation to further advance the burgeoning U.S. offshore wind industry.

While Ocean Wind 1 has already laid the foundation for small, women-owned and minority owned businesses to enter in the developing offshore wind industry with its $15 million Pro-NJ Grantor Trust, Ocean Wind 2 expands upon this commitment by allocating an additional $8 million for businesses, including veteran-owned businesses, who wish to enter the offshore wind industry. This new funding will also be used to support workforce education and training, and environmental justice initiatives.


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